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How I’m surviving the quarantine

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Why here, why now?

First, let me say this — I don’t live through rose colored lenses. Not everything is peaches and cream, I know. But let me tell you my story through two different lenses, about what’s currently going on right now.

Version #1
These days, I spend my days inside, roughly 2/3 of that in my pajamas. Sometimes I have the inspiration to make my bed, sometimes not. I have no job, because I was let go almost two weeks ago (due to the pandemic, I presume — but they never told me why). My husband still has a job; he goes to work while I stay with the kids all day. While I love them, they drive me crazy with their constant needs, yells, screams, and requests for food. They have no sense of boundaries, I think. I’d like to get a job soon but unfortunately despite the postings online for accountants, many companies are ‘holding off’ on hiring right now. I’ve had a few phone interviews that went well, and now I sit back and wait for them to decide how long their hiring freeze should be, given the current situation. Money-wise, I avoid looking at my bank account, because I don’t really have much. While my husband still has a job, there are threats to hours being cut, and he has to fight to stay employed, even for an entry-level job. Not to mention, to survive this quarantine, we need better technology than this 8-year-old grandma of a computer & iPad we have.

You can see where this is going… or you can continue with the other version below.

Version #2
Currently, I’m sitting at my computer while my children plays quietly in their rooms. The sun is shining, and it’s warm with blue skies. After the past two weeks of rain and chills, I’m ready for the real spring to appear again! My husband will be home before 5:00 p.m., which allows plenty of time for dinner and family time. These days, I find myself doing things I didn’t normally do in prior circumstances — more baking, more exercising, more self care (hot baths, anyone?), and more sleep! For the past week or so, I’ve learned that there is an incredible world of online learning tools & resources that I never knew existed before (want to learn about frogs and weather? check out Watch & Learn Library or Mystery Science for lessons onchemicals), and even did some at-home science experiments with my daughter, while we learned about science together. It’s incredibly interesting to me, and luckily my daughter is into it too. I love this extra family time that we get, and I know that once this is all over, I may never have the opportunity again.

Yes it’s safe to say that this health pandemic has really uprooted everyone’s lives, including mine. But as the days go by and I think about all the restrictions that have been placed around the world and in my world, I realized that there is also a silver lining as well. I thought about how rare it is that one can experience an economic recession, a solar eclipse AND a health pandemic, all in a lifetime. The fact that it’s happening to me and to all of you is amazing. It creates opportunities for stories we can tell each other once this is all over. The awesome thing is that everyone will have a different story to tell because we’re all different and we process things differently. This is my story*.

My goal is to inspire and enrich your life with stories that are good, inspiring or funny. With all the negativity that’s been reported in the media lately, I feel it’s only fitting that I help you shift your mindset. What story do you want to tell your future self?

What it feels like right now…courtesy of The New Yorker

What really caught my eye this week:

  • As a huge fan of Daniel Pink, I loved this short video on how to get rid of books you don’t read.
  • A really useful tool from The New York Times about how to be more optimistic.
  • Finally, I learned from this Ted Talk that having the right mindset can really help you become happier at work

*Why the name? Because bluebirds are a symbol of joy & happiness, which I hope to bring to your life by reading this :)

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